Benefits of using

Self-Service Kiosks


Tablet kiosks are a fraction of the cost of traditional kiosks. This cost savings is amplified when deploying multiple kiosks, dramatically reducing the capital outlay to start up a kiosk network.


Tablet kiosks fit in much smaller spaces than traditional kiosks. The flexibility of tablet kiosks allows them to be placed just about anywhere: securely mounted to a wall or counter, freestanding, or even setup for temporary use. Tablet kiosks can be used as permanent additions to a company’s customer service collection or quickly set up for special events and promotions.

Add-on accessories

Added accessories expand the tablet kiosk usefulness too; ID scanners for medical settings, card readers for self-check-in and purchases, keyboard mounts for simpler text entry and brochure holders for trade shows are but a few of the accessory options available from most tablet kiosk providers.


Their compact form-factor, built in battery and low power consumption make tablet kiosks the perfect choice for ad-hoc and mobile events.


Tablet kiosks are low maintenance and usually a simple replacement of the tablet itself solves the problem this replacement can be done by anyone saving costs on call-out technician support as well as limiting down time.


The greatest reason to deploy a tablet kiosk is the wide variety of platforms and applications available. Many rich content and web-based applications provide useful tools without the need for new dedicated native applications: lead capture, loyalty cards, customer surveys, POS, inventory management, exhibit engagement … the list is endless.

Here are a few examples of where

iPad Kiosks May Be Used

  • Car Dealerships / Vehicle Show Rooms
  • Museums & Theme Parks
  • Fast Food Retailers & Restaurants
  • Airports / Railways / Bus Stations
  • Digital Marketing / Advertising / Signage
  • Industrial Monitoring Systems / Warehouse Control Station
  • Human Resource / Time and Attendance
  • Hotels, B+B’s ,Guest Houses
  • Government & Municipal buildings / Community Centers / Libraries / Schools
  • Retail Sales Assistant / Point of Sale / Loyalty Systems / Restaurant self-service ordering
  • Social Media Capture information / Customer Survey Feedback / Questionnaire Kiosk
  • Exhibitions / Conferences / Trade Shows
  • Reception area’s / Waiting Rooms / Hotel Lobbies
  • Way finding / Event Registration
  • Pharmacies / Hospitals / Clinics Registration and Record Keeping